June 2015

Farm Odds and Ends

I don't have any one thing to report today, but there's a number of littler things to chat about.  

Garlic Harvest

The garlic is ready to come out, we started harvesting about 2 weeks ago.  I have two varieties that are earlier than the other two, the Elephant and my house blend of Chet's Italian Red and Inchelium Red (they look the same, and the first year I grew them I accidentally combined them).  We started pulling the red first, I like to braid them in large braids (50-100 bulbs) immediately, just for storage purposes.  Later, I will take a few of these big braids apart and rebraid them into smaller, nicer braids for sale.

Well, Never Mind


So Nature has this amazing, balanced equation with new and old life - or it just wants you to think that so it can blindside you with whatever it wants!  Friday morning, Caleb moved the animals as usual, and found Olivia and Delia already dead, and Cleo unable to walk.  Caleb remembered that Olivia had looked extremely wide one of the days before, but hadn't thought much of it (you'd think we'd have learned by now to always think something of everything!).  So apparently she was bloated - that's all the info we had on those two.  

Nature's Math

Last time, I mentioned the way nature seems to have a balanced equation between deaths and births.  If you were keeping track, you may be questioning my math skills, since we lost a calf and a goat that Friday, and only gained a cria on Sunday.  That's not exactly balanced - but that's because the second cria didn't arrive until Tuesday morning :)  It's almost eerie how accurate nature's math is!

This is More Like It!

Yesterday, a friend came over so we could catch Fern and milk her off since she was looking pretty full.  A couple years ago her older sister got mastitis when her baby died and never nursed, and we didn't want to wait until Fern was pretty sick and have to get the vet out again.  It turned out she certainly did have milk, but it really wasn't too bad.  Unlike Myra, Fern did get to nurse her calf for a week, so she wasn't nearly as swollen.  I'd much rather be too pro-active, though, than just keep waiting, hoping everything will be fine.

Good News, Bad News

I was hoping for a more uplifting post this time, and there are some good things to share, but also a couple of notably bad ones.  To set the stage - Caleb had a conference yesterday and didn't get home until 10 pm, and my interns left after lunch yesterday, so it's been just me and the boys...