September 2015

New Arrivals


Check out the newest addition to Solace Farm - sheep!  They are Tunis sheep, known for being good mothers with vigorous lambs, hardy, gentle, and good in poor conditions.  They also have good fleece, and are decent milkers.  Altogether, these qualities seemed made for us here, so we decided to get 4 to see how well they work in reality.  So, welcome to the new girls Maple, Chestnut, Hickory, and Ginger!



Dolly and Willie

It feels like every other post I write is about the alpacas, and too many of them involve a death.  Unfortunately, this is no exception - although there is a difference this time, a hopefully positive twist to the usual story...  

Dry Goods


The weather has been beautiful this last week (as long as you're not watering a garden!) - cool and dry, and great for curing the last of our corn, and a good bit of the beans.  I've also finally had a chance to dry some herbs, the overgrown basil in particular.



We have another long work weekend here, and the addition is really progressing.  Last weekend, Caleb got the roofing metal on, so the roof is complete.  It went faster than expected because our WWOOFer's father came for a visit and gave Caleb some extra hands for the weekend.  


Yarn, Yarn, Yarn!

I've finally had a chance to do some spinning, and it's been wonderful.  It's such a relaxing pastime, so contemplative, almost meditative, soothing...  Wait, I'm thinking of someone else - this is how I spin:

It's not like this all the time, of course - he originally was bawling facedown on my lap, but then his hair accidentally gets spun in the yarn :)