September 2017

...And Finally!

Well, apparently I should have complained about Reba a little sooner.  The morning after I wrote the last post, I went to the milk pasture, and there was Reba with a still-wet little girl!  She's just adorable, of course, and beautiful, of course.  We've named her Patsy (Cline, obviously), courtesy of a visiting friend.  Patsy is a rich black-brown, just a gorgeous color that we don't have in the herd yet. She has striking face markings, white with black eyes and brown under the jaw (there's some photos up in the Alpaca gallery).


It's done!  I finally finished my latest lace shawl, and it's stunning if I say so myself...  I actually finished it last week, but haven't had a chance to post Since then.  I have put several pictures in the Knitting gallery, of this and a couple of other shawls.  This one is probably tied for my favorite one yet - I really love the butterfly design of this pattern, and I used a somewhat unrefined silk yarn, from a sweater I found at Goodwill last winter.  I love the drape of silk, it's just perfect for a shawl!  

Soap & Wool

In my busy life, dealing with alpaca fleece always ends up taking a back seat to a myriad of other priorities - not from lack of interest, just lack of time and it seems like everything else is more pressing.  It takes something specific to suddenly bring fleece to the top of the to-do list, and that happened about 2 weeks ago.