October 2017

It’s Finally Here!


Poor Malachi has been eagerly awaiting his birthday ever since July, when he was the only one that didn’t get a birthday (Liam and Ewan are 2 days apart).  Well, it finally got here, as of Friday he is officially 4 years old - a big boy!  

He’s been saying for weeks that he wanted a 
mouse cake” - whatever that is!  I have made a roadkill possum cake

...And Done!

She's here, the final calf of the season!  We were a little worried that it would be November or later - Kerry has been running about 14 months between calves the last couple of times, and last year was Oct. 22 - but last Saturday, the 7th, she showed up with a little red girl. A teeny little one, too, but healthy-looking which is all that really matters.  That gives us one lost girl, 3 surviving girls, and 5 boys, all red.  Of course, one of the girls is white, so we'll have yet another white cow mama in a few more years.



I did it!  I finished my big soap order on Tuesday, and got the last of them shipped out this morning - 234 bars of felted soap!  It was a lot of work, but definitely worth it.  Now, I have to make a bunch of soap to catch up :)  I knocked out 5 batches today and Monday, so that's a good start.  Then I just need to get caught back up on fleece, since I used most of my prepped wool for felting these soaps.  I need to skirt, card and dye a lot more to be ready for the next time I felt soap.