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I can't believe it's been so long since I wrote here!  As usual, I've been busy - there was my birthday, Malachi's birthday (not that you could tell, maybe he'll get a party for his 3rd?), a funeral back in VA, and lots of knitting.  I finally finished all my commission knitting, and have only acquired 1 new order, so if anyone wants something made for Christmas, now is the time to let me know!

We have a WWOOFer this week, from Thursday to Thursday, and she's great. We had our goat roundup this past weekend, and she was a big help, and has jumped right in to so many things here - I've already gotten caught up on a bunch of little things, in just the last few days.  We should also have a WWOOFer couple arriving Thursday evening, for about a month - I'm looking forward to it.  One of the big projects for them is helping to get the addition liveable - so that they can use it as the weather gets colder!

This weekend, we got the second window installed in the addition - once we close in the gaps above them, we will be weather-proof enough to take out the existing living room window, and create a doorway into the new room  - much easier access than climbing the ladder, or squeezing through the window!  Caleb has started working on the wiring - we need to get the outlets done on the strawbale walls before we plaster, and that's the only thing holding us back from starting the plaster.  We're hoping to do the first round of that this coming weekend, and if we manage - with help - to get an entire coat applied, then the next weekend could be the second coat, and that's all that's really necessary for the winter, in terms of plaster.  Then it's just the siding, wiring, and some closet shelving.

Last week, our neighbor finally made it over here with his bulldozer, so we got the huge hole in the back yard that was the upgraded septic system filled back in, as well as the gap around the foundation.  Now that the dirt is back to ground level around the walls, we can get ladders in place to put on the board and batten siding.  It's slow, but we're making progress!


great news

Thanks for the update. Amazing what you all are accomplishing.

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