The Many Faces of Sweet Potatoes


I thought a post about sweet potatoes was appropriate for Thanksgiving.  We are still digging ours, we planted a lot of them this year, and it's been really fun.  There are a number of regular old straight ones, but most of them are twisty, curly, gnarly things.  Often I can't  separate them without breaking one.  We planted them in the hoophouse, so they did really well in the rich dirt there - so far the largest I've dug was almost 3.5 pounds!  Most are 1-2 pounds.  Wee also planted them about a month earlier than we've done in the past, and between that, the rich dirt and especially the extra summer heat in the hoophouse, they thrived!  

Browsing through our sweet potatoes is kind of like cloud-watching - there are a variety of (mostly) animals to be seen, depending on the individual observer.  The above picture has (by most accounts) a cobra and a manatee, and a full knot.  And, of course, the mustache is my current favorite :)  If we find any other winners I'll let you know.  

My new favorite sweet potato recipe that I discovered for Thanksgiving is so simple, and so delicious - not too sweet, but not too far from it.  It's simply cooked sweet potatoes mashed up, with coconut milk, powdered ginger and a little salt mixed in.  I sprinkled chopped candied ginger on top, with some toasted coconut, and you could also stir some of both in as well.  Definitely a hit.  


sweet potatoes

I thought one of the sweet potatoes looked like a dinosaur.

I enjoy your posts.


Caleb agrees with you on the dinosaur. Glad you're enjoying my ramblings :)

ginger sweet potatoes

The ginger sweet potatoes are on the menu tonight :-)


I hope you enjoy them - we sure did.

This is so much fun to read.

This is so much fun to read. I love it here.

I never have seen sweet

I never have seen sweet potatoes in these shapes. And I loved they way you have transformed it into different things. This is what actually creativity is called. I think you should really start writing a book or something as I like your style of writing.
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