Soap & Wool

In my busy life, dealing with alpaca fleece always ends up taking a back seat to a myriad of other priorities - not from lack of interest, just lack of time and it seems like everything else is more pressing.  It takes something specific to suddenly bring fleece to the top of the to-do list, and that happened about 2 weeks ago. 

About 2 months ago, I got a wholesale order though my Etsy shop for 30 bars of felted soap, for a store in California.  A couple of weeks ago, the owner contacted me again, and said she's doing a craft show in mid-October, and would like 200+ bars!  So, I suddenly need lots of alpaca wool, to felt around a lot of soap.  I've been skirting, and picking, and carding, and dyeing.  And making soap, and felting soap.  And carding.  And dyeing...  It's actually a lot of fun, getting to play with colors.  I love dying without a precise goal in mind - I just need color, nothing exact.  For instance, I dyed one batt a beautiful light mint green, but when I felted it, all the blue washed out and left it a very pale neon yellow.  It's a great color, and one I wouldn't and couldn't have made on purpose, but I really like it, and all that matters is that it looks good.  I have almost all the wool carded and dyed that I need (I do need some more green, and I want to try dying a few tan and brown batts to get some deep colors) but I still have to card most of my natural colors.  That won't take too long, the main thing I'm working on at this point is just making enough soap.  I have to keep enough on hand for my local needs as well, so I'm soaping about a batch a day, for about 3 weeks straight!  It's a really exciting opportunity, though, and I can't wait to see how all this soap turns out.  I will definitely get some pictures up soon, of both the finished soap, and the rainbow of dyed wool.  Now, back to dealing with alpaca fleece!  I swear I'm going to give it more attention from now on...


wholesale soap!

What an opportunity! (and a lot of work!) Very exciting to hear.

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