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July? More Like February!

We are having an excessively wet and cool July so far.  Since the last few days of June, in fact, it's been in the 70's and even 60's and raining - very much like late winter, rather than mid-summer.  We have gotten sweaters out of the attic!  I'm not sure exactly how much rainfall we've gotten, but at least 6-8" in the last 1.5 weeks.  There's been the obvious good effects of a well-watered garden and just more pleasant days of cool temps - but there's been several downsides as well.  

Farm Odds and Ends

I don't have any one thing to report today, but there's a number of littler things to chat about.  

Good News, Bad News

I was hoping for a more uplifting post this time, and there are some good things to share, but also a couple of notably bad ones.  To set the stage - Caleb had a conference yesterday and didn't get home until 10 pm, and my interns left after lunch yesterday, so it's been just me and the boys...

Week in Review

This past week we finally finished kidding.  The last goat wrapped things up with two big boys on Wednesday the 5th, almost a full month after the first kids.  We were on track for the fastest kidding year yet, with most of the 45 babies arriving within a two-week window, and then these last two mamas took two additional weeks!  The second to last was somewhat exciting - I was loading the car for the farmers market, and heard the doe bawling.

And More Babies

As of this weekend, we are up to 29 kids, with 8 mamas left to go. We should end up with a few more than 40 babies. Yesterday, Sunday, we had 5 does kid ( and 5 on Friday) – the last one was Agnes, who did indeed have triplets. She is still pretty round, but she had to have dropped 20 pounds! We had 3 student interns here for a few hours, working in the garden, and they got to watch Susanna deliver a little girl. It's so rewarding when visitors get to experience totally new, unexpected things like that.