Alpaca Fleece - Bonnie, Cria 1 Lb

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This gorgeous fleece is from one of our mama alpacas, Bonnie, she was born in 2016 here on Solace Farm.  She has a striking coat, made up of several shades of reddish brown, with a big rosy-gray belt through the middle, and as she matures, the gray is taking more dominance.  The photo of the whole fleece is with it laid out approximately as she wore it.  The photos do not do the reddish tones justice - I included my hand in one to help adjust the color, but all the photos look more gray than the actual colors.  The rose-gray section in particular is much more pinkish than the photo.  Her fleece is quite long, and has a loose soft crimp, good for both felting and spinning.  

Bonnie, like most of our pacas, does like to roll in the grass, so there is definitely some VM in this fleece.  Overall, though, we actually have very clean animals.  Our shearer has commented that he's never sheared such clean fleeces, and can often cut all 12 on one blade rather than changing after 3-5 animals like most farms.  We move our animals almost every day for all but the coldest part of the year, so they are always on grassy, healthy pasture.  This means they don't have nearly the access to mud and dirt that most barn-kept alpacas do, so while there are some hay and pine needle VM, there's very little actual dirt.  I personally never wash my alpaca fleece until I actually have yarn!  

If you'd like a sample of Bonnie's fleece, just send me a message and I'll send you a little of all the different shades.