Alpaca Fleece - Carlyle 1 lb

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This beautiful white prime-cut or blanket fleece is from our boy Carlyle.  He has very nice crimp, soft handle, and washes to a lovely white color, great for dying or just as it is.  

His staple length is between 3.5" and 4". This fleece is skirted and picked - there may be a stray speck of hay but it is clean enough to spin.  Carlyle does love to roll in the dirt, so his fleece will need washing, although I usually spin first and wash the yarn.  Also, his tips tend to clump together, but they fluff right out when carded or flicked.  

Carlyle has been with us longer than any of our alpacas, and still gives me wonderful fleece with great crimp, long staple, and lots of body and softness when spun.  He is my go-to handspun yarn for knitting newborn hats, socks, and leggings.  In fact, my Climbing Leaf Hat & Mitten Set pictured set is made from Carlyle!

I have 2 fleeces, each approximately 3 lbs.  This listing is by the pound ($30/lb), but I also have it listed by the ounce ($2) and a whole, unskirted fleece for $25/lb.