Alpaca Fleece - Hugh 1 Lb

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This lovely auburn fleece is from Hugh, his 2016 cutting. The photos do not do the reddish tones justice - I included a small green bag to help adjust the color,  but it may still not be a perfect representation. It is a medium auburn brown. Hugh's fleece is one of my shorter ones, about 2.5-3" staple, but it is very fine and soft.  He was chosen for his texture, and does indeed make incredibly soft yarn.  As a hand spinner myself, I like the grabby-ness of his fleece - it is fairly crimped and behaves more like sheep wool than some shorter alpaca, holding together well and fluffing into a cloud rather than plopping apart into clumpy locks.  It cards and drafts well because of this.  This fleece total weight is just over 2 lbs.

Hugh, like most of our pacas, does like to roll in the grass, so there is of course some VM in this fleece.  Overall, though, we actually have very clean animals, and Hugh is one of the better ones.  Our shearer has commented that he's never sheared such clean fleeces, and can often cut all 12 animals on one blade rather than changing after 3-5 like most farms.  We move our animals almost every day for all but the coldest part of the year, so they are always on grassy, healthy pasture.  This means they don't have nearly the access to mud and dirt that most barn-kept alpacas do, so while there are some hay and pine needle VM, there's very little actual dirt.  I personally never wash my alpaca fleece until I actually have yarn!  

If you'd like a sample of Hugh's fleece, or anyone else you see listed here, just send me a message and I'll send you a small sample.