Alpaca Fleece - Solomon Suri Whole Fleece

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This fleece is from my Suri alpaca named Solomon, he is a lovely medium reddish-brown.  I currently have about 9 lbs of his fleece, with another shearing coming in early April.  Suri fleece is very different from the more standard Huacaya, with no crimp it is much more like very fine hair than “wool”.  Because of this, it does not shrink, and makes a smooth, lustrous yarn very similar to silk.  It is more of a challenge for hand spinners, but loves to be spun fine for lace and even cobweb, and can also be blended with other fibers including Huacaya alpaca and sheep wool to give it more body, or silk for enhanced sleekness and luster.  This makes a yarn with weight to it, giving wonderful drape to garments - perfect for scarves and shawls.  

Suri fleece does not come in a “blanket” but rather in locks - the lack of crimp means it does not hold together in one large unit, instead it is a heap of separate locks.  Rather than skirting in the traditional method, you simply go through the fleece a handful at a time, checking for suitability - length, texture, etc. Suri fleece is cleaner than much Huacaya fiber since the VM isn’t trapped in a fluffy web, but rather falls out from between the locks.  

This whole fleece is sold unskirted, simply 3 lbs of fiber as it came off Solomon, but as you can see from the photos there is very little to do in that regard.  It is very clean, and quite uniform in length, color, and quality.  When sold by the pound or ounce, I will look over it and skirt it, making sure there is very little VM or 2nd quality fiber.