Buffalo Wool - Raw 1 oz


I am so excited to be adding this to my offerings!  We are partnering with friends who have a small herd of bison, about 20-25 head and 13 babies so far this spring (2017).  Buffalo have a thick, wooly coat of short but very soft fiber that they shed in the spring as temperatures climb.  It comes off almost in sheets that they scrape off onto fences and trees.  The owners are collecting the shed felt sheets and scraps, when they can get to them before the birds (it's apparently a prized nest-making material).  I am selling this exactly the way it came off the buffalo - I will pick most of the larger sticks and bits of grass off, and shake out most of the dirt, but it isn't cleaned or washed or dehaired.  Bison have a two-part coat, with the soft wool underneath a longer, coarser coat of guard hair.  This needs to be carefully plucked out before processing for spinning.  I'm hoping to be able to provide some cleaned and even carded eventually, but if you'd like to truly process your fiber from start to finish, this is the wool for you!  I will not include pieces that are mostly hair, but the amount will vary - some felts are almost entirely soft wool, while some are covered with guard hair.  If you've never seen a buffalo felt before, they are quite unique - all of these pieces are seemingly tightly felted on the back side, but it does come apart when worked.  It is merely matted into a sheet, rather than truly felted, when the fibers are interwoven and contracted permanently.  It will card into soft, fluffy wool with a bit of effort.  

Texture wise, I consider this very similar to a fine alpaca wool, but shorter than most alpaca fiber. Like alpaca, it has no lanolin or grease of any kind, and only needs to be cleaned of dust and VM.  

The photo with the ruler in it is a 1-ounce amount.  This is all naturally shed buffalo wool, hand-collected here in Tennessee.