Classic Lard Soap - Lavender Old-Fashioned Lard Soap, Old-Time Soap for Everyday & Gifts

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These handmade lard soap bars are ~4 oz each, scented with pure lavender essential oil - I love the spicy, herbal-evergreen aroma of just lavender, on it's own it's much deeper and spicier, and less floral/sweet than many blended fragrances.  This bar is a simple square bar wrapped in hand-cut brown paper, labelled with complete ingredients - simply local, pastured lard, coconut oil, water, lye and Lavender essential oil. NOTE:  I am transitioning this soap to a version with goat milk, so there are only square bars remaining, stay tuned for the new-and-improved version to be released soon. And please check out the page on Our Handcrafting Process for details on our "By Hand" methods here at SFH, and also take a look at the About Handmade Soap page if you're hesitant when you see the word “lye”.

I use local lard that I render myself from neighbor and fellow small-farmer Cove Creek's pastured, non-GMO-fed pigs. While lard soap often has a reputation for being harsh or rough on skin, that is largely because many years ago, lye was not consistently refined, and people didn't use precision measurements. Today, with 100% pure lye and my digital scale, lard makes a beautiful white soap, very hard and long-lasting, with good cleaning power, while being very gentle and soothing on skin. I have gotten great reviews, both in person and through my Etsy shop, about how wonderful this soap is for skin - gentle, moisturizing, cleansing, and no residue! Customers say:

  • "Forget buying' Lush' soaps and shampoo bars. These products are better! I always wanted to try lard soap. I loved the shop's story and who wouldn't love the price? I put my money on THIS lard soap and found out that it is THE BEST soap I have ever tried! It has left my skin soft and silky. I bought unscented and it smells so ...clean! Really! The lather is wonderful. Who knew?"
  • "Ok listen. I have been on a mad search for the best tallow soap for like, months. I wanted tallow because I find veg oil soaps to leave that sticky film I can’t stand. I found one other lard soap that doesn’t leave a film, but I was still missing something. Then I found this. It’s PERFECT. No weird residue. No sticky. Soap has a great feel. And the best part? It LATHERS. It’s SO GREAT. Seriously, it’s been a long time coming and I’m so happy. "

If you're interested in using handmade lard soap, but are more familiar with liquid soaps, check out my new liquid Classic Lard soap: Liquid Soap for Squirt-Pump Dispenser or Liquid Soap for Foaming Dispenser

And if you know you love this soap, you can stock up or try more scents with the Classic Lard 6-pack: 6 Scented Square Bars6 Scented "Fancy" Molded Bars, or 6 Unscented Bars.

Or, if you know that even though real, handmade soap virtually eliminates the need for lotions, you still like to have a little body balm on hand for hands and lips and extra-dry winter skin, consider getting some Grass-fed Tallow Balm - it's made with hand-rendered tallow from our own Scottish Highland cattle, and is available in 25 different fragrances, custom fragrance blending, or unscented. 

I know this is an unusually low price compared to most handmade soap, but I want to offer a soap that is economical for everyday use, and since it is 3/4 free local lard rather than exotic imported oils, my input costs are very low (other than the days spent rendering lard of course!). We try to live as “lightly” as possible, and I want to help make that an option for others as well.