Climbing Leaf Hat

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This beautiful handknit hat is made from my handspun yarn, from our own alpacas here at Solace Farm.  I adapted an all-over leaf pattern into a shaped hat pattern, with overlapping leaves climbing seamlessly to a snowflake/star shape on the crown.  There is a gentle scalloping to the edge, which frames the face beautifully.  

The picture is of 3 hats I've made, one in Snowball's natural white, one in Annie's natural fawn, and one in the same fawn dyed a medium forest green.  I can custom-make this hat in any of the natural colors of our alpacas - white, cream, fawn, tan, auburn, brown, dark brown, gray and chocolate-black - or I can dye any of those a variety of shades as well.  Email me for more information on choosing your special color.  This pattern (and custom-spinning the yarn) also allows me to make the hat in any size from newborn to large adult - contact me for custom sizing based on a simple head measurement - and I can make matching mittens as well, take a look at the item listing for "Climbing Leaf Hat & Mitten Set" for photos.