Cloth Face Mask with Filter Pocket and Over-the-Head Cord, One Donated for Every Mask Sold


This is a simple (but cute) cotton mask, with a pocket for an added filter, and an adjustable strap.  I will be donating at least one mask locally for every mask sold, I am only charging enough to cover my time spent working on these.  

I am making this common design of a fabric face mask with a custom tweak.  Caleb's off-farm job is as a Physician Assistant, so he has experience wearing masks for 10 and 12 hour shifts at the clinic.  When I offered to make him some reusable ones, he did not want ones that looped around the ears as they make your ears hurt after a few hours.  I tried a couple different configurations, and came up with this design as the most efficient and effective.  

The strap is just long enough to fit around the top of your head.  If you have a ponytail it is perfect for holding the strap and if not, just find the balance spot (about where a ponytail would be) between sliding down and sliding up, and then simply cinch up the knots at the jaw until the mask fits snugly around the face.  It is important for cloth masks to fit snugly, both around the nose/cheeks, and in front of the ears.  Many masks will gap there, but these snug down very nicely.  If you prefer, you can also just tighten the cord behind your head over the ears, again by cinching up the knots below the jaw.  

This cloth mask also has a sewn slot for you to insert a nose clip, such as a piece of pipe cleaner (about 1/3 of a full-length one) or a sturdy wire twist tie (like off a bag of coffee or such).  

I highly recommend using both a nose clip wire and an additional filter - vacuum bags or furnace/HVAC filters with a HEPA designation are generally an acceptable non-woven layer.  Please do your own research on what level of filtration is acceptable/necessary, I am not an expert by any means and this mask is really just a way to hold an appropriate filter in place on your face, it is not intended to serve any other medical purpose.  

With current market shortages, I am making these with materials I have on hand (part of the impetus for the cord design, as elastic is currently unavailable), so the fabric patterns are what I have on hand.  Hospitals have requested no plain blue or white so as not to be confused for commercial surgical masks, so I will only have prints or non-white/blue solids on the outer cover.  The inner layer may be off-white or white, but not the outer layer.