Custom Knitting


I love to knit!  This listing is for anything you'd like - I make hats, newscaps, mittens, gloves, scarves, wraps, slippers, sweaters, baby pants, socks, moccasins, you name it - literally!  check out the photo gallery of knitted items for ideas.  
I mostly knit with my handspun alpaca yarn, which comes in a range of colors from our herd of 14, and it can be dyed a variety of colors.  I also have 5 sheep, the wool of which I spin as well, and I often have several synthetic yarns on hand, as well as a number of very fine cotton thread-yarns (I made some beautiful lace shawls with it this summer!)
The price here of $20 is a deposit - that may be the full price of a smaller item, or for a larger item I'll make it, and on final approval have you purchase the remainder of the agreed-upon price.