Dish Soap, Tin Container Sustainable Packaging Handmade Kitchen Soap with Coconut Oil and Pastured Lard, Lavender Lime & Citrus Eucalyptus

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Recyclable, plastic-free packaging for dish soap!  And neither your nor I is paying to ship water (the majority of liquid soap volume).  This hard-working soap is made from simply coconut oil (for cleaning power) and local pastured lard hand-rendered here at Solace Farm (for moisturizing).  It is poured in a metal tin with a lid, simply rub your cloth or scrub brush across the soap!  As long as no water is left standing in the container, of course, you don't have that soggy bar of soap melting on the side of the sink.  And when you've used it up, either wash and reuse the tin, or recycle it - no single-use plastic bottle to "recycle" - but more likely end up in a landfill or burned as fuel.  

This soap is 50/50 lard and coconut oil.  This makes a very hard bar, and because of its strong cleaning power, more than 30% coconut oil in a recipe is not recommended as a skin-care soap, so this may be a little drying on skin (but is worth it for the effectiveness!).  The lard helps with that, but this soap is especially suited for scrub-brush use since it minimizes skin contact.  If you're concerned about dry skin, though, just pick up a tin of moisturizing tallow salve or balm while you're here!  This comes in 2 scents, both made with only 100% essential oils - Citrus Eucalyptus, and Lavender Lime.

I use local lard in my soap for several reasons, but the main one is the sustainability of this ingredient.  Lard is a by-product of the meat industry - contrary to what you may read, animals are not raised or slaughtered for the lard or tallow.  In fact, this is usually discarded (sent to a landfill or otherwise treated as a hazardous waste) - but I render it myself instead, turning it into all of our own cooking fat, and soap, where it makes a moisturizing and gentle addition to your skincare.