Felted Stuffed Animal


Adorable hand-knitted, felted animals.  I knit the animal, using my own handspun yarn, then felt it down snug and fuzzy.  I can make alpacas, lambs (a customer favorite for baby gifts!), and a hen with or without baby chicks.  Color possibilities abound as well, our alpacas come in white, cream, beige, tan, 3 shades of brown, and chocolate-black, as well as gray.  I can also dye these a range of colors, and our white sheep wool is gorgeous dyed any color as well, or left it's natural creamy white for a beautiful christening lamb.  

My personal favorite is a pair of lambs in reverse-matching colors, one black with white face and ears, and one white with black face and ears.  I also really love the two-tone alpacas, so just contact me for customizing your special stuffed animal, or just ask what's currently available.