Grass-Fed Beef Tallow 1 Pound, Hand-Rendered & Filtered, Four 1/4 Pound Bars- for DIY Homemade Cosmetics or Cooking

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This is one pound of hand-rendered grass-fed beef tallow, in 4 bars of 4+ ounces each - still easy to use in smaller amounts, but a slight volume discount over my individual 4 oz bars.  

I am so pleased to offer our excess rendered beef tallow here - this is rendered by me, here at Solace Farm Homestead, from our own Scottish Highland cattle.  This tallow is from 100% grass-fed grass-finished cattle, so it is chock-full of all those amazingly healthy fat-soluble vitamins and nutrients.  This tallow is actually not white but a creamy almost butter color - similar to pastured farm egg yolks which turn orange with good forage (all that vitamin A!) or good grass-fed Jersey butter that is a rich yellow, the tallow also holds those fat soluble vitamins and you can visibly see them!

I render the fat slowly, often on the woodstove (the best way!), strain off the liquid tallow, boil it through water at least twice, and then filter it through a coffee filter.  This takes days from beginning to end, but is worth it for the beautiful tallow that results.  I filter it into my square-bar soap molds, so the tallow comes in 4-4.5 oz square bars, that I wrap in aluminum foil for shipping (I will wrap all 4 bars in one sheet of foil, so leave a note if you want them individually wrapped).  I am trying to avoid single-use plastic, thus the foil, but if you'd prefer I ship it in a zipper bag I can definitely do that. 

This tallow is great for making your own tallow balms, whipped tallow butters or creams, candles, or simply using as a healthy cooking fat.  Tallow is a high-heat fat, so it's great for frying and other applications where lower-temp oils may scorch and smoke.