Handmade Tallow Lip Balm, Paper Eco-Tube, Plastic-Free - Natural Nourishing Lip Balm in in Recyclable, Compostable Paper Eco-Tube Packaging

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My handmade grass-fed tallow lip balms have had a makeover – I've tweaked the recipe slightly to be even better, and I'm loving the difference.  While the previous recipe was wonderful, this version is even creamier and smoother, hands-down the best thing I've put on my lips.

• NEW - Lanolin for the most moisture-packed lip balm possible
• NEW - Castor oil for extra conditioning and shine
• Same amazing grass-fed tallow full of vitamins and nutrients
• Same eco-friendly plastic-free paper tube and label

I've been using my grass-fed tallow balm, made with our own Scottish Highland beef or sheep tallow that I render here at SFH, for several years now and love it, and have always used it on my lips, but I had never poured lip tubes because I just hate the plastic! There's more plastic than product in those little tubes, and I just couldn't justify that – but then I found paper tubes!! They are the same size as the standard plastic tubes (both the .2 oz fill and the overall tube size), and simply push up from the bottom instead of the screw mechanism. The caps don't snap on quite as tightly as the plastic ones, but they usually fit on fairly snugly, I trade them around if one is loose until I find a good fit (and a customer has helpfully pointed out that a cap from a commercial lip tube will also work well). These tubes are entirely paperboard, with a waxed interior to prevent leaking, and I use paper labels, so they are entirely recyclable or compostable. I do pay a good bit more for these than the plastic tubes, but I really believe it's worth it. These are available in a large selection of fragrances as well as unscented and even custom blending, just add a note in the optional text box. 

Lanolin is just amazing, I've found it to be one of the most repairing substances I've ever put on my skin.  It is simply the oils from sheep wool, purified into a rich, creamy, sticky wax-like substance.  It truly has an amazing ability to soften and hydrate dry skin – I've been known to use it pure, directly on my lips, in times of great need :-)  If you've used my lip balms before, I think you'll also notice, and appreciate, the added benefits of lanolin in this improved recipe.  And this stuff lasts - I am definitely able to go longer before re-applying. 
Castor oil also contributes to the creamier feel of this balm – it is a much thicker oil than most, and adds shine and gloss to lip products.  It's also known for being great for our skin, encouraging collagen and elastin production and helping penetrate and heal dry or damaged skin.
The rest of this lip balm is the same fantastic ingredients of grass-fed tallow, local beeswax, shea butter and olive oil.  If you have an allergy or sensitivity to any of these ingredients, just contact me for a custom-made lip balm, I can substitute any of the ingredients for you.
These lip balms are scented with either essential oils or flavor oils (fragrance oils specifically for safe lip use), and I've added a very small amount of all-natural sweetener to enhance the fragrance.  This sweetener is simply stevia and coconut oil, and I use just enough to give the scent a well-rounded aspect, similar to using salt in food – it just seems a little flat without it, but these are not candy-sweet, like many commercial lip balms.  If you prefer a lip balm without sweetener, I can do that - but be aware that it may just seem a little "off" or flat in flavor/scent.  Our senses of taste and smell are so intertwined, so much of the "scent" is actually the taste (the stevia), and without it the fragrance may not really "bloom" for you - but I'm happy to make that if you prefer.  
I do have a few flavors that are pre-sweetened with saccharin, and these will be clearly indicated in the selection drop-down box with “PSW”, and below in the individual descriptions.  If possible, I use a natural essential oil, and second preference is an unsweetened flavor oil, so that I can add my own stevia sweetener, but some scents I can only find in pre-sweetened form.  

Current options are:

Pure Essential Oils with a Touch of Stevia Sweetener:

• Cedarwood & Bergamot – Woodsy and dark-citrus, these essential oils make a great lip balm for men
• Citrus Blend - Grapefruit, Lime and Orange.  I can customize which I use, just let me know.
• Coffee Bean - Actual coffee EO, this is a light scent of true coffee - no vanilla, mocha, latte, etc.
• Ginger Lime
• Grapefruit
• Lemon 
• Lime
• Orange
• Peppermint
• Star Anise – This pure essential oil is classic black licorice, pure and simple.

Essential Oil/Unsweetened Flavor Oil blend, with a Touch of Stevia Sweetener

• Apple Sage - A blend of red & green apple flavors, with pure Dalmation Sage EO, this is my new favorite
• Chocolate Mint – Chocolate flavor oil, with pure Peppermint essential oil, and a hint of stevia sweetener.  This is a very light scent, no tingle/burning at all from the Peppermint, but the decadent fragrance comes through really nicely.  If you'd prefer a stronger fragrance, message me for a custom blending.
• Coconut Lime – Coconut flavor oil with pure essential oil of Lime for a tropical summery fragrance.
• Mint Julep – Bourbon flavor oil, with pure Peppermint essential oil, a touch of unsweetened Honey flavor, and just enough stevia sweetener to round out the fragrance.  This truly smells like the classic cocktail, I was impressed when I first tried the Bourbon oil, and is a great lip balm for the guys who don't want a typical “girly” lip balm.
• Orange Vanilla - Vanilla flavor oil with real Orange EO, this is both warm and citrus, bright and mellow.

Pre-Sweetened Flavor Oil with Saccharin

• Root Beer – The classic lip balm, this truly smells just like root beer.  Kids will love this one, as will anyone who grew up on this staple of the lip balm world.  Stay tuned, I'm attempting to reformulate this one with essential oils for an all-natural root beer lip balm.
• Dulce de Leche – This is the aroma of warm caramel, just delicious.
• Mango

And of course, I offer this lip balm in Unscented as well, either with or without sweetener.  

I also have this same balm available in a reusable, recyclable metal tin. It comes in 4 sizes, from a tiny pocket-size, all the way up to a 4 oz container, see my Grass-fed Tallow Balm for more details.  Or, if you're looking for an ever-so-slightly softer texture, with a bit more absorbency, check out my Grass-fed Tallow Salve - it doesn't have the beeswax so it is wonderful for really soaking in to dry skin - I even use it on my face.  And if you love lip balm, but wish it had a bit of color to it as well, I'm right there with you, and I've made exactly the same lip balm, but with a light-but-flattering amount of natural mica-based color to it, my Tallow Lip Blush.

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