Handspun Alpaca Yarn, Lace Weight 1350 yds

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100% alpaca yarn handspun from my alpaca Joey.  This is a warm tan color, a camel or caramel.  The photos do not do it justice, although the one draped over the spinning wheel is pretty close to the actual color.  The photo with another white skein is with my Tunis lace handspun, also listed here. Joey's fleece is one of my softest and finest, and I just love the color!  This is a heavy lace weight or very fine sport weight yarn (~125 yds/oz, most laceweight is 150-200 yds/oz) , and is a huge skein!  If you are making a shawl, lacy sweater, or similar, this will ensure you have no joins (I hate them, especially in lace where they're so much harder to hide) - and enough left over for a matching scarf or lace hand warmers!  
I spin all my yarn on my wonderful Lendrum spinning wheel, and then gently soak-wash the yarn using my own mild homemade soap, then a rinse in a very light vinegar-water solution to neutralize the soap, then a final rinse in rainwater.  And no, it doesn't smell like vinegar - or soap, I only use unscented soap. 
Alpaca fleece is so soft, and I spin fairly loosely so it stays fluffy. To keep yarn soft and bouncy the twists per inch should match the crimps per inch of the raw fiber - for alpaca that's pretty low.  This yarn looks thicker than it is since it's so fluffy.  I highly recommend using needles several sizes larger than your usual gauge (especially if knitting lace) so as to not "crush the spirit" of this beautiful yarn - it will fluff up so light and airy!
As with all my yarn, this is from our own small herd of 14 alpacas here in rural Tennessee.  This fleece was taken to a local alpaca fiber mill and processed into roving for me, which I spun myself.  Most of my fleece I hand-process from start to finish, but every couple of years I just get too overwhelmed with the towering piles of fleece I haven't gotten to, and take some to the mill (please take a look at my Life on the Farm blog here to see what else I am doing other than playing with alpaca fleece!).  

1350 yds 
2 ply
300 g