Herbal Salve with Pastured Lard and Raw Beeswax, Infused with Chickweed & Essential Oils

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This salve is infused with fresh chickweed leaves, grown and harvested here at Solace Farm Homestead. I gently heat-infused this on my woodstove for several days - the salve itself is naturally tinted light green-yellow from the herbs and the natural, raw beeswax, a really lovely color!  This is available in unscented, or with Cedarwood, Frankincense & Bergamot essential oils.  I also can scent it with another essential oil or blend of your choice, so just contact me if you'd like a custom scent.  

This is made from pastured non-GMO lard, hand-rendered by me here at Solace Farm and raised just down the road by a fellow small, sustainable farmer.  I added just enough raw, local beeswax to reach a good consistency, and then scent it with just 100% essential oils.  

Pasture-raised lard is really great for skin, and is local, sustainable, and much more eco-friendly and ethical than many oils that contribute to deforestation, labor exploitation, etc.   I love that all of my ingredients for this product (except the essential oils) come from within a few miles of us, if not our own farm, rather than the other side of the world.  

This herbal salve is available in 4 sizes of metal tin, each labeled front and back with my signature brown paper labels:

0.5 oz

1.5 oz

2.5 oz

4 oz