Holiday Angel Goat Milk Soap - Handcrafted Goats Milk Soap, Christmas Angel with Red Ribbon Soap with Essential Oils

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This is a very limited edition, holiday soap so get them before they're gone!  Choose from 3 different scents (or get one of each!), all with a gorgeous deep red sash and gold trumpet.  All are packaged in plastic-free brown paper boxes with a window, and complete labels with ingredients.  With its beautiful design and luscious scents, these make a great Christmas gifts, and are a wonderfully moisturizing option for daily use.

Goat milk is renowned for the luxurious qualities it gives soap, providing exfoliation and hydration. I hand-milk my goats Gretchen, Snowpea, and Elvira, and use the rich milk as well as olive and coconut oils, almond, castor, and avocado oils and shea butter to make this soap. If you have used goat milk soap before, or any good handmade soap, you realize how different it is from commercial soap, which can be so drying!  When soap is made by hand, the chemical reaction of oils with a lye solution forms the substances soap and glycerin. A typical bar of handmade soap is roughly 1/3 glycerin! This is a humectant, meaning it pulls water from the air - when on your skin, it literally moisturizes your skin by attracting water to it. In commercial soaps, the glycerin is distilled and removed, and later sold back to you in a lotion, but in the "real thing" it is all one package.  I used to use lotions and moisturizers a lot, especially in the winter, but I virtually never need them anymore, other than some of my grass-fed tallow balm on my hands occasionally (especially in the winter!). For more information on how this Honeysuckle Goat Milk soap is handcrafted, please read About our Handcrafting Process page.

To learn more about me, my goats, our farm here in Tennessee, or how I make my soap, stop by my blog or check out our new Instagram account and see what’s going on at the farm!  Because we are a small family homestead that produces soap as just one part of our diverse farm, we are so grateful to individuals like you to help sustain our vision.