Liquid Soap, Classic Lard Soap for Foaming Dispenser

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Handmade liquid lard soap, from scratch!   This is real, handmade old-fashioned lard soap with only lard, coconut oil, lye and water.  I dilute it only enough to actually be liquid, so it is very concentrated.  It is naturally a fairly thin consistency, which I've found works well in the foaming dispensers, or as dish liquid, and it can easily be further diluted with water "to taste".  It also works well in any DIY household cleaner recipe calling for liquid castile soap (that's actually why I started making this - as a soaper, I couldn't bring myself to go buy another soap!)  I can also make this a thickened soap, like commercial liquid hand soap, better for the regular pump dispensers (the thinner version tends to splatter), and best of all, the only additional ingredient as a thickening agent is simply sea salt!  Just choose which version you prefer at checkout.

NEW PACKAGING!!  This is sold as a refill for your existing soap dispenser, it comes in a plastic stand-up pouch with a pour spout.  These packages are reusable, each order will come with a pre-paid return label for you to send the container back to me to use again (If you order several pouches I will just send one label, and if you've ordered some in the past and will only need one return label for several bottles at a time, just send me a note to say you don't need one with your order).  While it does use plastic, this ended up being the most waste-free packaging solution I could find.  It actually ends up costing me quite a bit more (about 4 times as much) to get the pouch back than to just buy a new one, but it is worth it to me to keep multiple single-use plastic bottles out of a landfill.  

This is a liquid version of my best-selling old-fashioned lard soap, made here on the farm from hand-rendered lard courtesy of two fellow small, sustainable, off-grid farms raising pastured, non-GMO pigs just down the road. This handmade soap is 80% local lard and 20% coconut oil, which adds extra cleaning power and lather. Lard soap is surprisingly moisturizing and gentle on skin - my bar lard soap has gotten great reviews, so I've simply converted the same recipe to liquid form for those of you that prefer the convenience of liquid over bar soap.  I love that I can make a great soap mostly from local ingredients sourced right here in Tennessee – most of my other soap ingredients come from halfway around the world, so I'm excited that I can reduce my (and therefore your) carbon footprint and source most of this soap locally!   While lard soap often has a reputation for being harsh or rough on skin, that is largely because many years ago, lye was not consistently refined, and people didn't use precision measurements. Today, with 100% pure lye and a digital scale, lard makes a beautiful soap, very hard and long-lasting, with good cleaning power, while being surprisingly gentle and great for skin. I have gotten great reviews about how wonderful this soap is on skin - gentle, moisturizing, cleansing, and no residue!

I offer this soap in a variety of fragrances or simply unscented.  If you have your own fragrance or essential oils you can order the unscented version and then customize your own soap, a bottle at a time by adding a few drops to each bottle of unscented soap.  Any of the EO (essential oils) scents are mixed by me, so if you'd like a custom fragrance (any EO alone, or  2-3 in a blend that I don't already have available) just include that in a message, I'm happy to do that.

As with all my products, if the shipping is less than you are charged because of other items ordered and your location, I will refund the difference.  To learn more about me, my goats, our farm here in Tennessee, or how I make my soap, stop by my blog or check out our new Instagram account and see what’s going on on the farm!