NEW Tallow Balm - Pastured Grass-fed Tallow Balm with Lanolin, Hand & Body Solid Lotion, for Dry Skin

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New and improved!  The same awesome tallow balm, but I've added luscious, healing lanolin and upgraded both the cocoa butter and Shea butter to raw, hand-milled and certified Fair Trade, and the Shea butter is also certified organic - both these ingredients are sourced from a small women's cooperative in Ghana.  I've also added a new, less-mess application method, a push-up tube made from brown paperboard so it's completely compostable and recyclable.

All-natural semi-solid lotion, made with local grass-fed & grass-finished, hand-rendered beef tallow, Shea butter, cocoa butter, lanolin, local beeswax, and olive & almond oils. This solid body balm bar is molded in an easy-to-use bar in your choice of 4 different shapes.  It comes packaged in a metal tin for storage and travel, simply turn it out on your hands, and either apply directly with the bar, or rub the bar like soap, and then apply to skin with hands.  

If you've already purchased this tinned balm, and just want a refill without an extra tin, I've got you covered, there's an option for "REFILL" for each size that comes wrapped simply in a paper coffee filter with my signature brown paper labels front and back.

This tallow balm is also available in a filled metal tin - just rub it with your fingertips, or I usually just swipe my thumbnail backwards across the surface for an appropriate amount.

Don't store the balm - in or out of the tin - in direct sunlight, it does melt easily!  And this is potent stuff, a tiny bit goes a long way!  I recommend starting out with an amount you feel is too little and adjusting upwards if necessary, to avoid over-applying.    

This tallow body balm is available in 3 forms and multiple sizes:
Molded in a metal storage tin (or a tin-less refill):
Small Bee - 1.5 oz
Large Bee - 2.2 oz 
Tree - 3.5 oz
Aztec knot - 3.5 oz

Paper push-up tube - 2 oz or 3 oz

Poured in a metal tin:
0.5 oz
1.5 oz
2.5 oz
4 oz

This balm is amazing for dry winter skin, feet, elbows and knees, hands, lips, or really anywhere you want your skin nourished with natural oils, and the beeswax lends staying power for truly long-lasting moisturizing.  This Tallow Balm feels identical to a "regular" Hand & Body Balm, but I love that we’re able to produce half of it right on our own farm! While the other ingredients are really wonderful and nourishing, it is frustrating that I have to purchase them from pretty much the other side of the world and I feel so much better knowing that not only is grass-fed grass-finished tallow at least as good for my skin, but the steer that produced this tallow was born and spent his whole life on a small farm just a few miles down the road.  

Grass-fed tallow is wonderful for skin, with its molecules more closely matching our "animal" skin oils than vegetable oils do.  It also contains those fat soluble vitamins we need such as A, D, E, and K, as well as others nutrients thought to be age- and cancer-fighting.  

Each scent is listed as either a fragrance oil or an essential oil.  Fragrance oils are synthetic oils, often used for scents that just don't occur as an essential oil.  For example, we simply can't distill the scent of oatmeal, milk, or honey - there is no natural oil for those.  Synthetic fragrance oils are generally thought to be the #1 allergen in cosmetics, although I've never had a complaint, and I have a number of customers who use only my soaps and lotions because of extremely sensitive skin, and they use varieties with fragrance oils. 

The versions with essential oils are made with completely nature-derived oils, distilled from that plant or flower.  I prefer essential oils for their antiseptic, antimicrobial, and healing powers.  If you are looking for a healing balm/salve for irritated skin, these are what you are looking for!  If you want a great skin cream that smells amazing, any of the balms would fit that bill as well.  

I also have this (and most of my soap and balm products) available in an unscented version as well, and if you're interested in a version made especially for lips, packaged in a compostable paperboard tube, browse my Tallow Lip Balms.  I also have a Tallow Salve, which is similar but contains only our own SFH sheep tallow, and shea oil, and fragrance or essential oils if desired.  This is slightly softer and soaks in more quickly than the Tallow Balm with beeswax, but the Balm does stay on the skin longer due to the beeswax.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to send me a message, I'm happy to recommend, describe, or custom-blend scents to fit your needs!  

Other soap and skin care companies are just that – companies – but we are a small, family homestead that produces handmade soap as one facet of our diverse, small-scale farm so that we can both raise our 3 home-schooled boys and teach them how to love and care for the world around them through animals, gardens, and the joy, satisfaction, and confidence that comes from knowledge and capability. If you're interested in finding out more about our homestead, stop by our blog and photo galleries at, or take a peek at our Instagram page, or pop over to our Facebook page - there are links in my Shop profile, just click on my avatar at the top left of the page. Thanks for checking out our products, and supporting small farms and handcrafter artisans!