Pumice Scrub - Lavender Scent, Natural Kitchen Cleaner with Essential Oils

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This simple yet effective scrub is ideal for kitchen and bathroom sinks, counters, tubs, etc.  It is simply my own handmade soap, pumice powder, bentonite clay, washing soda, and Lavender essential oil.  I love this stuff!  I had previously been using Mrs. Meyers surface scrub, and discovered this recipe - and it's at least as good!  It takes stains and dark scratches right out of my cast-iron kitchen sink, and scrubs the hard water/iron stains out of my tub.  Virtually nothing else short of nasty chemicals has done that!  And it smells great the whole time it's cleaning - win win!

This is packaged in repurposed glass bottles and jars - the 3 oz and 6 oz sizes are packaged in an amber glass bottle formerly used for essential or fragrance oils, while the 12 oz size comes in a repurposed nut butter jar or similar.