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15% off all imperfect soaps, shampoo bars, and other items as available.  These soaps are, of course, exactly the same as my regular bars, but simply have a cosmetic blemish like a contrast color that bled a little in the mold, or had an unfortunate event such as falling off a drying rack or a curious toddler “just looked at it”, are discontinued varieties, or simply have been around long enough that the scent is starting to fade. These soaps are perfect for personal use rather than gift-giving, since their function is as good as ever.  Please do scroll through the photos so you are aware of the condition of your soap – these bars may have dented corners, or most likely didn't release from the mold properly, and have a damaged or distorted image on the face of the bar.  The most common issue is the goats on my shampoo bars losing the tips of their noses – but they will still do a fantastic job of washing your hair, face, or any sensitive skin.  Some light-colored bars may have discoloration from accidentally coming in contact with a darker soap and picking up a stain.  Again, this is purely cosmetic and of course doesn't affect its performance whatsoever.
All items are boxed or packaged as usual, with full ingredients on the labels.  Soaps are generally 4 oz or slightly more, a few are closer to 3.5 oz.  Take a look at the master listing for more details for each soap.

Please note - I do not have the ability to assign a number available to each option separately, I can only give a total number for all items together, so please go by the individual numbers available below.  It will be possible for you to put more in your cart than listed here, but I won't be able to fill the order if it's more than I actually have.

As of December 2019, soaps available are:

1 Moose - Spiced Tobacco Goat Milk Lard, tiny amount of color from previous coffee ground batch in mold

1 Goat Milk Soap - Ginger, Lime & Lavender, Rectangle with Aztec edging.  I’ve changed the mold style, so these are discontinued, otherwise there’s nothing wrong with these. 

Deodorants - varying degrees of spillage down the side (see photos):
2 Lavender Anise Patchouli
1 Bulgarian Lavender
1 Peppermint Tea Tree