Shopping Bags - Up-cycled Feedsacks

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These reusable shopping bags are made from woven plastic feed sacks.  I sew these from the feedsacks for our animals, and also collect them from friends and fellow farmers, removing them from the waste stream and keeping them out of the landfill.  The bags vary slightly in size and shape, but are about 15" wide and 14" tall, and the bottom is sewn approximately 6-8" wide to easily accommodate lots of items. The straps can comfortably sling over a shoulder, and these bags are very sturdy!  I top-stitch the bottom and sides (see photos), so they hold the creases and stand up well by themselves, and are easy to fold up properly as well.  

If you have a preference for a particular bag pictured, contact me for availability or custom sewing.  Otherwise, I will choose based on what I currently have in stock.