Tallow & Beeswax Candle, Wooden Wick Candle with Hand-Rendered Grass-fed Beef Tallow in Upcycled Glass Jar

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Simple, natural candles, made with tallow rendered by hand here on Solace Farm Homestead.  These 5 oz candles are 75% tallow and 25% beeswax, with your choice of fragrance or essential oil scent.  You can also choose a wooden wick or standard cotton wick, I will default to the wooden one, which has a faint crackle when burning, and is made exclusively from American hardwood fruit trees.  

These sustainable candles are poured in upcycled glass yogurt cups, that I have salvaged from the local glass recycling facility.  I have removed the original labels and replaced them with clear labels of my own that will peel off if you'd like to save or re-use the jar as well.

Beeswax is the longest-burning candle base there is, and tallow melts easily, so this combination is both long-lasting and will liquify to the rim and burn down cleanly.  The wooden wick does need to be trimmed shorter than the usual cotton wick to burn well, if you have trouble with it not staying lit make sure it is well trimmed, to just above the burn line.  Also, like many candles it burns down more evenly if burned for at least 1.5-2 hours at a time to allow the melt pool to reach the edges.  

When you finish burning the candle, simply wash the jar in very hot soapy water and reuse it, or recycle it with your usual glass recycling.