Tinted Lip Blush, Grass-fed Tallow Lip Balm, Beeswax Lip Balm with a Hint of Natural Color

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A handmade lip balm in a paper eco-tube, lightly tinted with mica and iron oxide in a flattering-to-everyone rosy-pink, and made with local beeswax and our own hand-rendered grass-fed, grass-finished tallow from either our Scottish Highland cattle or our Tunis sheep, and my new favorite ingredient lanolin, as well as almond, castor and olive oils, and cocoa & shea butters.  I make these in a blend of pink, blush, and rose-bronze that comes out a neutral rose-blush shade - it goes on lighter than the stick looks in the tube.  I have a variety of mica shades on hand (bronze, pink, blush, red, etc), so if you would like a particular shade, contact me and I'm happy to custom-blend a lip blush just for you.

These paperboard tubes are fantastic, I just can't justify using plastic tubes that have more plastic than actual lip balm, and was so happy to find these compostable, biodegradable paper tubes.  They don’t screw up like a plastic tube, they simply push up from the bottom.  These are available in 2 sizes, 1/3 oz and 1/2 oz (for comparison, standard lip balm tubes are 1/5 oz).  

I offer these in an extensive selection of scents, both fragrances and essential oils (denoted with an "EO" after the name), and since I hand-mix my EO blends, I have all the separate components so I am happy to do a custom-blend for you, using any of the essential oils you see listed, just send me a message with your custom request.  These also are lightly sweetened with stevia in a coconut oil base, but if you prefer unsweetened just let me know and I can make that for you.  I actually prefer the sweetener, much like salt in food it enhances the scent to a well-rounded fragrance.  In fact, "flavor oils" are simply fragrance oils that have sweetener added, and the combination of scent and sweetness create the illusion of tasting the flavor!

I am transitioning my recipe and fragrance line-up so some of these scents are only available for a limited time, once I run out I will not be restocking.  I simply can't keep up with such a large number of scents and will be streamlining the selections.  These also may have variations in color (noted below), again I'm streamlining to just a few shades (more coming soon) to simplify rather than custom-blending all of them.

Going, Going, Gone!

Ginger, Lime & Lavender EO - coppery blush
Lavender Sage EO - a coral-pink
Lavender Vanilla EO/FO
Orange Vanilla EO/FO - coral pink
Espresso FO
Goat Milk & Honey FO
Hazelnut Vanilla FO
Honeysuckle FO - this one is a little more pink than blush
Sandalwood Vanilla FO

Here To Stay

Cedar Bergamot EO
Citrus Blend EO
Coffee Bean EO
Ginger Lime EO
Grapefruit EO
Lemon EO
Lime EO
Orange EO
Peppermint EO
Star Anise EO
Apple Sage FO/EO - Natural Apple flavor and Sage essential oil
Chocolate Mint EO/FO - Chocolate flavor and Peppermint essential oil
Coconut Lime EO/FO - Coconut flavor and Lime essential oil
Mint Julep EO/FO - Bourbon flavor, Peppermint essential oil, and a touch of Honey flavor
Orange Vanilla EO/FO - Vanilla flavor and Orange essential oil
Dulce de Leche PSW
Mango PSW
Root Beer PSW

These do not contain the almond oil and cocoa butter, otherwise the recipe is the same, with our awesome grassfed tallow and luxurious lanolin, shea butter, and castor and olive oils.  Again, they do contain stevia sweetener, except for the last 3 which are presweetened (PSW) with saccharin.

Thank you for supporting small local artisan handcrafters like us - to learn more about what we do here on Solace Farm, just browse the other pages here about our soap-making process, our blog, or our photo galleries.