Tinted Lip Blush, Grass-fed Tallow Lip Balm, Beeswax Lip Stain with a Hint of Natural Color

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A handmade lip balm in a paper eco-tube, lightly tinted with mica and iron oxide in a flattering-to-everyone rosy-bronze, and made with local beeswax and our own hand-rendered grass-fed, grass-finished tallow from either our Scottish Highland cattle or our Tunis sheep, as well as sweet almond and olive oils, and cocoa and shea butters.  I blend the color myself, from a selection of copper, bronze, wine, red, coral, and pink mica colors, so there will be a little natural variation in the exact shades for the different scents - if you would like a particular blush color, contact me and I'm happy to custom-blend a shade just for you.
These paperboard tubes are fantastic, I just can't justify using plastic tubes that have more plastic than actual lip balm, and was so happy to find these right here on Etsy.  They don’t screw up like a plastic tube, they simply push up from the bottom.  These are twice the volume of a regular lip balm tube (.3 oz vs .15 oz), but only slightly larger overall (see pictures for comparison).  
I offer these in an extensive selection of scents, both fragrances and essential oils (denoted with an "EO" after the name), and since I hand-mix my EO blends, I have all the separate components so I am happy to do a custom-blend for you, using any of the essential oils you see listed (for example, I list Ginger, Lime & Lavender and Lavender, Anise & Patchouli and Eucalyptus Mint, so I can make you a plain Lavender, or a Ginger & Anise, or a Peppermint Lime, or just Patchouli, or any number of other combinations or single scents).  Just send me a message with your custom request.

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