Tunis Carded Batt, Washed IN THE GREASE 2.5 oz


Hand-carded, hand-washed but in-the-grease batts of beautiful, soft Tunis wool - this is a blend of my nicest older ewe fleece and some lamb fleece, ready to pre-draft and spin!  I have washed it 3 times in warm water, with my own unscented soap, but left the grease in the fiber.  I love the Tunis wool, but have found that actually scouring it before processing makes it very prone to nepps when carding.  I tried washing only, not scouring out the grease, and then carding and spinning in the grease, and it's amazing! Almost no nepps, and I can get such fine yarn with it, I will never scour it again, and in fact I don't feel I should even sell this wool scoured, only washed in-the-grease.  Once the yarn is spun, a hot scouring will make a clean, creamy-white, bouncy yarn. 

Tunis are a warm-climate sheep, so they have a shorter staple length - 2.5-4" - but a really nice crimp and very fine fiber.  I really love this wool, it gives a soft springy yarn, even when spun very fine.  Tunis wool is known for being soft and non-scratchy, the word I kept seeing when researching them was "lustrous". The fiber shafts are less scaly than many sheep wools, and though I don't know a micron number, I was surprised just how fine it is - finer than the high 20's I'd seen in research, and so soft!  

This is what one pleased customer had to say:   "Oh my God! This is SO SOFT!  This stuff is divine! I spun a sample & as rough as it is [still raw] it came out crazy beautiful! It'll make a stunner of a shawl!  Oh my! I believe this is my new favorite fiber!  I will be shopping with you again. Very soon!  It will be the first wool I actually stash! Fiber diet be damned!"

And another:   "This is fabulous fleece, the quality that weavers would want. I only purchased to make felted sheep but so easy to work with and made into a great product for me. AAA+++"

The final photos are of a shawl I made from my handspun Tunis, the yarn was amazing, about 1100 yds to 100 g.  

Batts are approximately 2.5 oz each, and roughly 12" x 22" when unrolled and relaxed.  I have box-picked the wool and then drum-carded 3 times - there will still be a small amount of VM, of course, but I spin this myself and am a bit of a perfectionist, and is quite acceptable to me - see photos for a close-up picture.

Thanks for supporting a small farm raising a rare sheep breed!  We just love these Tunis girls, and hope you do too!