Tunis fleece - raw 1 lb

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1 pound of my Tunis sheep fleece, just as it came off the animal.  I currently have 4 Tunis ewes, and 5 ewe-lambs born this spring (look for their first fleeces this next summer!).  These are a warm-climate sheep, so they have a shorter staple length - 2.5-4" - but a really nice crimp and very fine fiber.  The photos are of the raw wool, a washed lock, and a carded batt I made.  I really like this wool, it gives a soft springy yarn, even when spun very fine.  Tunis wool is known for being soft and non-scratchy, the word I kept seeing when researching them was "lustrous". The fiber shafts are less scaly than many sheep wools, and though I don't know a micron number, I was surprised just how fine it is - much finer than the numbers I'd seen in research.  I'm happy to send an ounce or two as a sample, just convo me.  

Our sheep truly live the farm life - I do not coat them, and they are moved over the entire 60 or so acres of pasture, so this fleece is not terribly clean.  We do not have burrs, though - there is the usual hay and other VM, but no burrs!   It does scour well, though, this year's were not very greasy at all and it washes to a beautiful white.  I have done a quick skirting, mainly removing the larger, obvious second cuts and larger VM, but it is not a thorough skirting.

If you're looking for a whole fleece, let me know - this year's shearing cut a little short in the center of the back on a couple of the fleeces so I'd prefer to sell it by the pound so I can make sure you only get the nicer parts, with a good staple length and quality fiber.  If you really want an entire intact fleece straight off the sheep, though, I'm happy to do that and I'll come down a little on the price for that - contact me to work out details.   

I have set the shipping at $7.50 per pound, which is fairly accurate up to 3 pounds depending on your location.  If the USPS cost is less, for any size purchase, I will refund the difference.