July 2015

I'm Still Here!

Well, so much for trying to post 1-2 times a week!  My excuse this time is that, while I've been busy as usual, it wasn't farm stuff much, so I didn't have farm blog material - or time to write it.  I've been going to the market, a board meeting, driving to Pennsylvania and back, and basically taking a breather before the garden produce starts pouring in.  Here's a quick review of the last couple of weeks...

Duck Eggs

This is the time of year that the farmers markets really take off.  I participate in 2 year-round markets that are online, and they have many items all year (soap, baked goods, eggs, some greenhouse produce, etc) but the customer numbers still fluctuate dramatically from winter to summer.  Even though my and other growers' non-produce items are available all year, the customer base is so much smaller in the off season, and it only returns when vegetables traditionally do.

July? More Like February!

We are having an excessively wet and cool July so far.  Since the last few days of June, in fact, it's been in the 70's and even 60's and raining - very much like late winter, rather than mid-summer.  We have gotten sweaters out of the attic!  I'm not sure exactly how much rainfall we've gotten, but at least 6-8" in the last 1.5 weeks.  There's been the obvious good effects of a well-watered garden and just more pleasant days of cool temps - but there's been several downsides as well.  


This past weekend was a wonderful break from the usual life on the farm - we went to a family wedding in Kentucky. Unlike most of our trips, it was only a 5 hour drive - we didn't leave at 2 am or drive the whole night, it was really quite luxurious. The wedding was beautiful, we got to see family we hadn't seen in a couple of years, and even had time on the trip home for an extra stop. We went to Cumberland Caverns in McMinnville and took the walking tour.