June 2017

The Ebb and Flow of Life

So many aspects of farm life are all about new beginnings, and creation - yet death and endings are an inseparable part of that.  I've had several conversations with Liam about the yin and yang of life (usually centered around the fact that you can't just read all day, there's work to be done so that we all have food, clean clothes, and a happy family!).  

A Landmark Day

Our big news for this last week is that, as of last Saturday (or whenever after that the bank actually got the check), we are debt-free!  We decided to go ahead and pay off the rest of our farm mortgage, we were scheduled to finish by the end of the year anyway, but it will be awfully nice not to have that payment going out every month.  We paid for the house as we built it, and Caleb's school loans were paid off by the government years ago since he works in an underserved area, so we don't owe anyone anything!  In the nicest sense, of course :)

My First Lace Yarn!

I am so excited, I finally finished my first really laceweight yarn!  I will put a couple of pictures up in the photo galleries if you want to take a peek at it.  It took me several weeks (of not doing much else!) - when I spin, I just fill my bobbins all the way, because if I'm going to do all that work, I want a bunch of yarn to show for it.  Also, I'm planning to make a shawl with it, so I wanted enough that I can guarantee no knots or splices for the whole thing.  Well, I am assured of that - my skein is 1380 yards!


Summer is here!  We are in the mid-80's pretty consistently, the humidity is through the roof, it's summer for sure.  Most things around here are business as usual for summer on a farm - except for one big change.  Caleb has a new job!!  He finally took the plunge, and switched to a part-time job so he could be on the farm more.  Unfortunately, his job for the last 10 years would not agree to let him go part-time, so he switched to a company that runs several urgent care clinics in the valley.