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Just a quick note to say - we have goat babies!  Katydid, my milk goat, started off the goat season with twin boys on Wednesday, and Buttercup followed today - with more twin boys.  We're still 5 days out from the official due-date start (a window of about 6 weeks), so these are a bit early.  All 4 little guys, while definitely small, are healthy and were up and nursing quickly.  Both moms, first-timers, are doing great as well, very attentive and nurturing.  Both of them had the babies clean and dry before even passing their placenta!  

Tomorrow, setting up the milkers pen is the main agenda - in pure serendipity, the first two animals to birth were the milk sheep and the milk goat, so I'm hoping to start milking by Sunday morning.  I need to badly - I've been out of frozen goat milk for soap-making for a couple months now, and my supply of soap is running dangerously low...


Glad to hear the goat babies

Glad to hear the goat babies are off to a great start. Can't wait to see all of you soon.

wonderful news!

So excited to hear the babies have started to arrive, even happier to hear that all so far are healthy and thriving. YOu all have worked so hard to create a healthy environment for mammas and babies. Hooray! See you soon.

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