Newest Arrival

I've just got a quick update today, on a few things.  

The newest member of the farm is here, our first cria of the season, from Snowball.  She's a lovely reddish-brown baby, with some rose-gray swirls and a white face.  We're going to stick with classic country (ish) names, so this is the perfect baby to use your suggestion from last year, Patty.  We've named her Bonnie for Bonnie Raitt - the white face/hair blaze pairing is so appropriate :)  We've ordered a scale so that we can weigh her every couple of days for a week or two to make sure she's gaining well on nursing alone, and then probably weekly for a while after that just to make sure she continues to grow well. If there's any trouble, I'll supplement with some bottles, and start feeding the mother additionally.  Hopefully this year will be much better than last year!

In honey news - it's gone!  We sold all of it, about 25 quarts, in a week, just to people in Caleb's office, my midwives, and a few other acquaintances.  We could really move a lot of honey if we had it!  This is good motivation to spend some time and effort on the bees, and keep the hives healthy.  

Lastly, a bit of goat news, unfortunately not as upbeat as the other news - we've lost one more goat kid.  It appears he somehow got back into the previous day's paddock, which at that point had the cows in it, and Caleb found him dead the next morning.  Yet more proof that the problem is one of the cows - as if we needed more proof!  As soon as we have some freezer space, we'll get that steer processed, and hope that it was him.  

We've had a second WWOOFer for a little over a week and between him and Caleb, the garden is a different place.  That's been the priority - to get everything weeded, mulched, and harvested so that I don't have to deal with any of it until hopefully August.  They added a new 25'x25' bed (the old duck pen) that will get planted with a late crop of Blue Hopi flour corn, hopefullly this weekend, and they've rehabbed and extended the beds around the edge of the yard, and hopefully soon we can get some asparagus transplanted into them.  About half the garlic is pulled and hung, and I can start making the pretty braids in a week or two.  Those sold well last year on Etsy, so I'm hoping to do that again.  I have probably less than half the garlic this year that I did last year, which works out well, seeing as I'm passing 8 months pregnant, and am really not up for dealing with 7000 heads of garlic!  I may use this year to back off on my existing varieties, and add a few new ones this fall to expand my collection.  

I'll keep any news coming, and I'm hoping I can actually take some time to do a good job on posting for a while - I've about hit my limit of being on my feet very much, and am really trying to take it easy and get back into my fleece as an excuse to do so.  It helps that I had a pair of slippers and two stuffed sheep ordered recently, so I've already been doing some spinning and knitting.  It's really been getting hot, too, so I'm so ready to just sit in front of a fan and spin or knit most of the day - if only I could!



mostly good news

Great to see a photo of the newest cria. Here's hoping...

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