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Nature's Nutrition

This time of year, I'm always trying to find ways to use eggs, and wondering if maybe we should cut down our duck flock.  Then I remember how I miss the bounty of limitless eggs in the fall and winter, and how this is really just a small part of the big picture of feeding ourselves in harmony with nature (I know that's cheesy, but I can't think of a better way to say it).  Speaking of cheese, this also the dairy time of year for us, another a great source of protein.

Week in Review

This past week we finally finished kidding.  The last goat wrapped things up with two big boys on Wednesday the 5th, almost a full month after the first kids.  We were on track for the fastest kidding year yet, with most of the 45 babies arriving within a two-week window, and then these last two mamas took two additional weeks!  The second to last was somewhat exciting - I was loading the car for the farmers market, and heard the doe bawling.


It's cheese time!  Now that I'm milking again, I have lots of milk.  I don't actually need the milk for regular use - I already get a gallon a week of local cow's milk that is more than enough for our needs (unless we have milk-drinking interns).  I barter for a gallon of homemade kombucha, which costs me about $.75 to make, so I can't pass that up!   I pretty much use the goat milk for cheese, and I'm going to use some for soap this year.