Goats Milk Shampoo, with Lard & Duck Egg Yolks - Moisturizing Goat Milk Soap Shampoo Bar, for Dry Skin or Sensitive Skin

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Why use a shampoo bar?  Partly to avoid all those disturbing ingredients in commercial shampoo! Then wouldn’t any nice, handmade soap work?  Well, I’ve tried it, with my own goat milk soap, and it was not what I wanted!  Hair, and even more importantly our scalp, needs ultra-moisturizing treatment, and this bar shampoo is specially made to do that.  
Hair gets oily because we wash off all our natural oils, prompting the scalp to make more. But that makes our hair oily, so we wash it again, further stripping our scalp of natural protective oils... And because we’re stripping everything off our hair - and scalp - we need a conditioner to make it soft and smooth and healthy (everything the natural oils were trying to do, incidentally). Then, since we used a heavy conditioner, our hair is weighed-down and needs washing...
Or, we can both clean and condition with a natural soap that gets out dirt and oils but doesn’t strip our hair, and simultaneously conditions it - and our scalp - with the naturally-occurring glycerin, as well as the goat milk and vitamin-rich egg yolks.  Treating the scalp well is so important to healthy hair - if your skin is nourished and moisturized, it doesn’t need to produce more oils, and so your hair actually stays clean longer, and the whole cycle is healthier for hair and skin!  
This luxurious bar soap contains moisturizing olive, avocado and almond oils, and lots of castor oil which is great for hair, and local lard from pastured, non-GMO-fed pigs, hand-rendered here at Solace Farm, to give the shampoo stability and firmness. I also use my goats milk and some of my duck egg yolks for even more moisturizing. This bar doubles as a spectacular facial cleanser, in addition to being an amazingly conditioning shampoo, definitely the most moisturizing soap I've ever made.  In fact, while I can't make any claims myself, I can say that I have multiple friends and customers who have had impressive results using this soap on eczema-prone skin, often finding this soap to be better than what the dermatologist recommended.

"WOWZA! Incredible lathering and wonderful conditioning."

"I absolutely LOVE this shampoo bar! It is the best bar I've found. I bought one with another one from another company and this one actually cleans my hair without stripping the oils, and leaves no residue! And it smells SO good! I'm ordering another one before my other one runs out!"

When using as shampoo, follow with an apple cider vinegar rinse (I use a small spritzer bottle) if you have harder water, and if you have soft water you probably don’t need anything, and there's usually no need for conditioner (although I am working on a solid conditioner bar which I LOVE and will be available soon). Since I started making and using bar shampoo 10 years ago, this is all I use and I love it!  
Available in a variety of scents which all use only all-natural essential oils:

Floral Ylang-Ylang with Lavender & vanilla notes of Balsam de Peru

Sweet-spicy Lavender & Anise with a hint of Patchouli

Citrusy-with-a-hint-of-herbal Grapefruit Sage

Tangy Lemon, with Lavender and Frankincense

Invigorating Eucalyptus Mint

Smoky Cedarwood and Bergamot with a touch of Orange

Coconut and Almond Oil-Free Orange Vanilla (with Balsam de Peru essential oil)

Unscented, for those of us with extra-sensitive skin - or noses! 


These are available in either a molded square bar, one of 3 different cute goat poses, or a Tree of Life.  All bars are approximately 4 oz with complete ingredients on label, either hand-wrapped in brown paper or packaged in braown paperboard boxes.

To learn more about me, my goats, our farm here in Tennessee, or how I make my soap, stop by my blog here or check out our new Instagram account and see what’s going on on the farm!