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Handcrafted Goat Milk Soap - Lavender Vanilla Soap, Handmade Lavender Goat Milk Soap for Gifts or Everyday

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This is one of my favorites, and an all-time best seller for my customers.  In addition to a rich, warm Lavender & Vanilla fragrance blend, this soap has coarsely chopped lavender flowers throughout and a lovely purple-brown color, and of course our own goat milk in it as well.  

Goat milk is renowned for the luxurious qualities it gives soap, particularly gentle exfoliating and excellent moisturizing. Here at our farm, we milk the goats ourselves, and handcraft all of our soaps from scratch in our kitchen in small batches of 6 to 36 bars at a time.  Each bar of soap takes 4 weeks to cure, before being handwarapped and packaged.. To learn more about what makes our soap unique and about the soap making process from start to finish, please visit my About Handmade Soap page.  

Our artisanal soaps also contain olive and coconut oils, almond, castor, and avocado oils and shea butter. Shea butter does not react during the soap-making process as much as most oils, so it is particularly good for creating a moisturizing soap, as it retains its “shea-butter-ness” through to the final bar, making an ultra-rich, good-for-your-skin luxury bar. If you have used goat milk soap before, or any good handmade soap, you know how much better it feels on your skin than commercial soap, which can be so drying!

The 4 oz bar comes in either a square bar, hand-wrapped in brown paper, or molded in the shape of a flowering lavender plant, packaged in a windowed brown kraft paper box - they make such great gifts.  As with all my products, if the shipping is less than you are charged because of other items ordered and your location, I will refund the difference, and please Contact Us with any further questions.

If you know you'll love this soap, and would like try a few other scents, check out our 6-pack of Goat Milk Soap, where you can choose any or all of our 7 Goat Milk fragrances.

If you love lavender as much as I do, we also have several varieties of lavender fragranced body balms or hand salves for some added moisturizing, instead of commercial body lotions (with their long ingredients list of disturbing ingredients!), and several other lavender-based soaps and shampoos.  

To learn more about our farm in Tennessee, or how I make my soap, stop by my blog or Instagram account!  We also share our family’s story here and how we help sustain "old-fashioned" abilities that seem to be fading from our collective memories, such as hand-milking, cheesemaking, butchering, tanning hides, canning and dehydrating produce, soapmaking, papermaking, spinning and knitting wool, cutting and splitting firewood, using handtools such as scythes, and many, many more.