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Liquid Soap Refill, Up-Cycled Packaging, 100% Liquid Lard Soap Refill for Pump Dispenser, 16 or 32 oz

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Handmade liquid lard soap, from scratch, in re-purposed packaging to help you cut down on single-use plastics!  These soap refills are packaged in empty aluminum (lined with a plasticized layer) bottles from my soapmaking supplies - carrier oils and essential oils.  

I will do my best to match your soap fragrance to the bottle if there is any hint of residual scent (i.e. I won’t put a lemongrass soap in an empty bottle that smells noticeably of peppermint!) but I do recommend either checking with me first, or just ordering in my stand-up plastic pouches if you’re getting unscented soap, to avoid any possibility of bleeding of scent from the bottle.  Also check with me if you have a particular allergy (almond oil, lavender essential oil, etc) so I avoid any contamination there as well.  That being said, I have washed these very very well in hot hot hot soapy soapy water, and many of them have aired out for as much as a few years - they really should not have any residual scent!

This is real, handmade old-fashioned lard soap with only lard, lye and water, and whatever scent you may wish to add.  I dilute it only enough to actually be liquid, so it is very concentrated.  It is naturally a fairly thin consistency, which I've found works well in the foaming dispensers, or as dish liquid, and it can easily be further diluted with water "to taste".  It also works well in any DIY household cleaner recipe calling for liquid castile soap (that's actually why I started making this - as a soaper, I couldn't bring myself to go buy another soap!)  I also sell a thickened version of this soap, but since it may be hard to get that out of these rigid bottles, that is only available in the flexible stand-up pouches.  

I offer this soap in a variety of fragrances or simply unscented.  If you have your own fragrance or essential oils you can order the unscented version and then customize your own soap, a bottle at a time by adding a few drops to each bottle of unscented soap.  Any of the EO (essential oils) scents are mixed by me, so if you'd like a custom fragrance (any EO alone, or  2-3 in a blend that I don't already have available) just include that in a message, I'm happy to do that.

To learn more about me, my goats, our farm here in Tennessee, or how I make my soap, stop by my blog at or check out our new Instagram account and see what’s going on on the farm!