Cascading Leaf Lace Shawl, Hand-spun Tunis Sheep Wool, Hand-knit Lace Triangle Wrap


This stunning, entirely handmade, triangular lace shawl showcases the lustrous, soft Tunis wool beautifully, it is truly a work of art and destined to become an heirloom.  I can only bear to part with it because then I can justify making another one, and I am just in love with making gorgeous lace shawls!  I processed the yarn for this wrap from start to finish by hand, this wool is courtesy of my sweet ewe Chestnut - I call this "shoulder to shoulder" fashion, from hers to mine (or now yours) without leaving my farm. Tunis fleece is known as a down wool, and has a well-deserved reputation for being soft and non-scratchy - I cannot wear sheep's wool on my skin, but I could wrap up in this shawl all day long!  

This is the finest-weight lace yarn I have ever spun, over 1000 yards to 100g!  I spun one continuous strand of about 1100 yards, so there are no knots or splices in the entire garment.  This shawl comes right to the wrist, and mid-thigh when relaxed.  After an aggressive blocking, it comes almost to the fingertips, and slightly past the knee, but after some time will again relax to the slightly smaller dimensions.