Goat Milk Soap with Grass-fed Tallow & Pastured Lard, Mocha Scrub with Ground Coffee in Wild Animal Shapes

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This soap is a "luxury" version of the popular coffee Scrub soap - it is loaded with moisturizers, and more than 2/3 of the ingredients are from Solace Farm or other local farms.  I use our own grass-fed sheep tallow and goat milk, and local pastured lard that I render here on the farm, in addition to Shea butter, and coconut, olive, & castor oils, as well as ground coffee for a great exfoliant.  This soap is wonderful for using after gardening, or mechanical work, or any activity that leaves you needing a bit more "oomph" than you get from a regular bar of soap.  

I scented this soap with a blend of Coffee Bean and Vanilla Hazelnut fragrances, for a warm chocolate-y coffee scent that pairs wonderfully with the ground coffee in it.  The Vanilla in the fragrance causes this soap to mature to a medium brown color, which also complements the theme well.  This bar comes in 4 different animal shapes, either a bear, a buffalo, a moose, or a pig, and also an owl that doesn't have any coffee grounds in it - simply choose which you prefer from the dropdown box.  They are all packaged in brown paper boxes (plastic-free packaging) with labels that include all ingredients, as listed above.  

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