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Conditoner Bar REFILL, Handmade Solid Conditioner & Detangler Bar

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Conditioner Scent

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This is a REFILL 3 oz molded bar of solid conditioner, wrapped in a coffee filter rather than the metal tin (also available here if you don't have one yet).  this is available in 2 different shapes and a variety of essential oil scents (to coordinate with Solace Farm shampoo bars!) and unscented.  The ingredients are a little more complicated than my soaps and balms, but they are all so simple, and as natural as possible.  

BTMS 50 (emulsifying wax)
Cetyl alcohol (not actually alcohol, but a moisturizing wax)
Argan oil
Cocoa & Shea butters
Honeyquat (water-soluble moisturizer derived from honey)
panthenol (pro-vitamin B-5)
liquid silk (protein)
liquid cashmere (keratin)
essential oils
Vitamin E (antioxidant)
I have been so pleased with this conditioner, I have mid-length hair and only need 3 swipes to be well-conditioned. If I use more my hair feels like a shampoo/conditioner commercial the first day, soooo silky and soft, but then tends to lose body after that and need washing sooner.  
Again, this is packaged in a coffee filter wrap, rather than the re-usable/recyclable metal tin version that I also have, and as always my shipping packaging is 100% repurposed from local friends and stores.