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Elderberry Tincture, Pure Alcohol Tincture from Homegrown, Hand-processed American Elderberries, for Immune System Support


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Handmade elderberry tincture from our own elderberries, cultivars of the wild Sambucus Canadensis American Elderberry, these are hand-picked and processed, and made into tincture within 3 hours of harvest.  This tincture comes in a 2 oz amber glass bottle with a dropper.

Elderberry is known for it's immune system support, often taken preventatively against colds, and curatively to shorten the duration of symptoms.  Personally, I also take it for my Trigeminal Neuralgia.  This debilitating nerve pain is completely held at bay, at least for me personally, with only occasional doses elderberry tincture (I often go weeks without taking any and haven't a real flare-up since I was diagnosed 15 years ago).  If you suffer from TN, you know that the only western-medicine option is 3x daily anti-seizure meds, with potentially increasing doses and decreasing effectiveness.  This elderberry tincture is a lifeline for me, an absolute must-have year-round!