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Hand-Knit Shawl, Robin's Egg Blue Lamb's Wool Hand-Dyed Crescent Wrap, Hand-Spun from Heirloom Tunis Sheep Wool

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This hand-knit shawl is made from my own handspun lace-weight yarn from my Tunis sheep, hand-dyed a robin’s-egg blue.  The Gaudeamus pattern is a deep crescent, draping fully around the shoulders, waist-long in back and elbow-length in front.  It is a very intricate lace design, open and light both to the eye and finger.

This shawl will shrink a bit over time, as sheep wool has "memory" (wants to return to where it came from).  I will block it firmly before shipping (pin out completely while damp to stretch it to the maximum size while drying that way) but you may need to do this again once a year or so, if you want to to stay the same length.  It is quite appealing in its less-blocked form as well, becoming softer and fluffier.  

As this is 100% natural sheep wool, please store it carefully, using cedar or cedar oil, mothballs, or a similar protection against wool moths.