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Handmade Goat Milk Soap - Sandalwood & Amber Handcrafted Goats Milk Soap, Handmade Celtic Knot Soap

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Rich, spicy, exotic Sandalwood fragrance blended with smooth, warm Amber is one of my favorite scents - there is just something unique and indescribable about the woodsy aroma of Sandalwood!  This ~4 oz bar comes in either a simple square bar, or molded in the shape of an oval Celtic knot.  The 4 oz Sandalwood & Amber square bar is hand-wrapped in brown paper.  Or the Celtic knot option is packaged in a windowed brown kraft paper box to show the gorgeous design. This Goat Milk Soap makes a great gift for any occasion, and is also perfect for everyday use. 

Goat milk is renowned for the luxurious qualities it gives soap, particularly gentle exfoliating and excellent moisturizing. I hand-milk my goats Gretchen, Snowpea, and Elvira, and use the rich milk as well as olive and coconut oils, almond, castor, and avocado oils and shea butter to make this wonderful soap. I don't use Palm oil as many soapmakers do - while it is a useful oil, I can't condone the harmful cultivation practices used to produce it, and find I don't need it - this soap is wonderful without it!  It is so moisturizing and good for your skin, with extra vitamins and nutrients from the goat milk.  If you have used Goat Milk Soap before, or any good handmade soap, you know that it is completely different from commercial soap, which can be so drying!  Often our customers find that they no longer need moisturizers once switching to our Goat Milk Soap or Lard Soap.  But we do also sell Tallow Body Balms and  Tallow Lip Balms which are available unscented or in 25+ different essential oi &l fragrance options.

All our soaps are crafted from scratch, never from a purchased base, and made in our kitchen in small batches of up to 36 bars at a time.  Each bar of soap takes 4 weeks to cure before it is hand-wrapped or boxed and labelled. To learn more about what makes our soap unique and about the soap making process from start to finish, please visit my About Handmade Soap page.  

You can also try the full variety of soaps we offer, or purchase soaps in bulk with the 6-pack Goat Milk Soap.  Because we are a small business and love making exactly what you want, we are eager to discuss any wholesale or custom order needs, just Contact us!  I have created several allergen-free versions of my soaps, both bar and liquid, so if you need to avoid a particular ingredient - even if I normally use it - I'm happy to work with you and make the perfect soap for you!

As with all of my products, if the shipping is less than you are charged because of other items ordered and your location, I will refund the difference.  To learn more about me, my goats, our farm here in Tennessee, or how I make my soap, stop by my blog here or check out our new Instagram account, meet our goats, and see what’s happening at the farm!

And thank you for supporting our family and our farm!  By choosing our handmade Goat Milk Soap, you not only receive a beautiful and beneficial product, but you also help us continue to do what we love - milking goats, crafting soap, growing vegetables, homeschooling our three sons, and cooking delicious meals at our off-the-grid homestead.  We are so grateful to our customers for choosing small farms and handcrafter artisans!