News Roundup

Well, I did it again, it;s been a month and more since I posted.  It turns out a new baby, starting homeschool, and all the regular farm business don't allow much time for anything else, especially something as "frivolous" as writing!  So - Ewan's nursing, looks to be in it for the long haul, so I'll give this a shot...

I'll try to sum up the last month in one post.  I'd like to say I'll come back soon and expound on something or another, but to be honest, I doubt that, so I'll do what I can now.

Knit, Knit, Knit

I said I would post a knitting update, and I should - I've actually been knitting a lot!  While that last month of pregnancy is pretty miserable in virtually all other respects, it is nice since I get to basically sit on the couch all day and knit, and now, with a nursing infant I am still spending large amounts of time sitting on the couch (I learned with Liam how to stack nursing pillows to nurse hands-free.  I used to read, knit, and nurse simultaneously when he was little!).

Farm News Round-up

Wow!  So, I blinked and it has been most of a month since I wrote anything here!  A lot has happened in that time, although I personally have been mainly nursing a growing baby, and doing school with Liam.  In fact, I got Ewan to sleep so I could write this, and got as far as the word "personally" before he woke up - he's been ravenous recently, and just falls asleep long enough to trick me into putting him down, then wakes up and eats again.

Harvest Season


It's that time of the year - the garden is finally producing all those vegetables we've been longing for the rest of the spring and summer.  The tomatoes and okra and bell peppers have been coming in heavily for at least a month now (I'm so happy for the okra, it's been at least three years since I had any), and the cantaloupes and watermelons just started ripening in the last couple weeks.  Caleb and a couple of different sets of helpers (meal-bringers, and my parents) got the Painted Mountain Indian flour corn harvested.

Welcome, Loretta

Our final cria of the year was born Saturday afternoon to Reba - she had a gorgeous little girl, jet-black and so teeny.  The other two were around 15 pounds, give or take, but Loretta was a bit under 12.  

Another Calf

We have our third calf of the summer (second surviving), out of Bridget.  Yet again, she had a red girl - I think that's 3 now over the last few years.  She was born on Monday, and is looking vigorous and healthy.  We are not getting her weighed - Bridget stands over her and growls if Caleb goes near, so we'll just watch from the other side of the fence, and make sure she's growing well :)  I'm not concerned, Bridget's a great mama.  


So we have 2 more babies at Solace Farm, as of Tuesday.  To start with, Annie had a beautiful little white alpaca boy already out at 6 am as usual.  And just like little Tammy last year, he's got two blue eyes, so there's a 90% chance he's deaf like she was.  We'll have to watch him and see for sure, but logically we should assume he is.  We also need to weigh him, now and at least once a week for a while.


I didn't realize how long it had been since I posted - 2 weeks!  To get it out of the way right now, no I haven't had the baby yet, I've just been horribly unmotivated  - I'll certainly announce the birth here when it does happen.  

Last weekend, we had some very special company.  Our WWOOFer from 2 years ago, Benjamin, came back with his family on a visit from Germany!  We have kept in touch, but hadn't seen him since, or met his parents and brother, so that was a wonderful visit.  

...And Yet More

Yes, we have more babies!  Fern had a calf on Wednesday morning, a little blond boy.  We haven't named him yet, and we're open to suggestions.  He looks to be healthy and happy, Caleb has seen him nursing, and actually swooped in pretty quickly and got a weight with our new scale and sling - ~40 pounds, a nice size for a Scottish calf.  We probably won't catch him again, Fern is pretty nervous, but it's still helpful to have a base weight for any other calves, since we've never weighed one before.

What a Day!


Well, yesterday was an interesting one! It started out with making a cake - we always make one on June 29, since that is Eowyn's birthday, our daughter that was still-born in 2009.  Liam suggested carrot cake, which paired well with all the carrots I had in the fridge, and I substituted fresh goat cheese for the cream cheese in the topping.  Delicious!