Face Tallow Salve, Grass-fed Sheep Tallow Moisturizer for Acne-Prone Face and Sensitive Skin

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This tallow salve is specially formulated for clearing skin, with Evening Primrose and Borage oils in addition to the grassfed hand-rendered sheep tallow from our own flock here at Solace Farm Homestead.  I designed this formula after much research into the chemistry of oils and our skin.  The short version is that oils are made up of many different fatty acids, in different proportions depending on the oil.  Research has indicated that acne-prone skin is deficient in Linoleic Acid and higher in Oleic, creating thickened sebum and thus clogging pores, so oils that balance out that deficiency are most effective.  Many commonly-used oils are actually high in Oleic Acid (olive oil, the namesake, and many of the similar light oils like almond), and will actually exacerbate clogged pores.  I chose Evening Primrose for its extremely high Linoleic Acid content, over 80%, and very low Oleic, and Borage for it's similarly high content, as well as it's GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid) content, said to contribute to skin repair - the Borage I use is a minimum 20% GLA.  

As a personal anecdote, I recently started a cleansing routine of using oil first, then my shampoo bar to wash.  I initially used a Castor and tallow salve as the oil, and within 1-2 days had several hotspots on my face.  I researched, realized that Castor oil has virtually no Linoleic Acid, made this salve instead, and the spots were gone after literally 2 applications.  My facial routine is now to oil-cleanse with Pumpkin Seed Oil, wash with my shampoo bar, and then moisturize with this salve.  

I can make this salve with any essential oil or blend - my personal favorite is Lemon, Lavender, and Frankincense, all said to be healing oils good for skin repair - but just choose your preferred scent from the drop-down box or add your own custom request.


This is the simplest skin ointment I make, simply 80% grass-fed beef or sheep tallow, and 20% liquid oil.  Grassfed tallow is loaded with vitamins and nutrients for our skin, as fellow animals our skin is best nourished by animal fats. These fats contain fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K as well as other nutrients that are amazing for our skin's health.  This is amazing stuff - less waxy-feeling than my regular beeswax-based Body Balm or Tallow Balm (which I still love, don't get me wrong!) - this soaks right in and really moisturizes.  I actually prefer to use both this Salve and my Tallow Balm together for very dry skin - the Salve to quench the dryness, and the beeswax-based Balm afterwards to seal in the soothing moisture. This salve is gentle enough to use anywhere, in fact I use this as my facial moisturizer.  If you would like to see some wonderful photo testimonials, stop by Flying Cow Tallow's website, they have amazing results from their happy customers - it's impressive how effective such a simple product can be.

Grass-fed Tallow is really great for skin, and is local, sustainable, and much more eco-friendly and ethical than many oils that contribute to deforestation, labor exploitation, etc.   I love that 90% of my ingredients for this product come from within a few miles of us, if not our own farm, rather than the other side of the world.  We render all the tallow ourselves here on the farm, from either our own Scottish Highland steers, or from the grass-fed steers of 2 fellow small, sustainable, diverse farms just down the road - we try to respect the sacrifice our beautiful heritage cattle have made to feed and aid us, and use all that we can from the animals. We also use the creamy tallow from our sheep and the sheep of two other fellow small, sustainable, diverse farms just down the road :-)  I actually personally prefer the sheep tallow, it makes a slightly creamier, softer balm - possibly only perceptible to me, but I can indeed tell, and it's what I use myself.  If you have a preference, just add a note and I'll make sure your Salve is made to order :-) 

This handmade salve is available in 4 sizes of metal tin, each labeled front and back with my signature brown paper labels:

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